Poems about 001

It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words" of universal experience. This is certainly true when people have the opportunity to see 001 for the first time.

A poem is sort of like a picture in this way. In fact, a poem can be even more powerful than a picture. A great poem has the potential to capture the very innermost beauty and essence of something and universalize it forever; for all future time, people and places.

So far we have received two poems about 001, each from the contributor's own unique perspective (see below).

Everyone who is so inclined is invited to contribute a poem about 001 to put in the poem section on our web site. We look forward to hearing from you.

"BEACHCOMBER and Other Poems " by Kenneth Heafield


"THE RARE MORTAL Interview of Kenneth Heafield " by PAMELA KRUEGER, The Detroit New MAGAZINE


"001: DIGITAL GOLD1" by Sagahti

"While other software tools do the talking,
The 001 tool suite does the walking.

HTI's 001-software tools' very special preventive technology
Has proven itself for high productivity, durability and quality:
And due to its unique futuristic objects with system orientation
It is always the biggest winner of every sponsored competition.

When tech and e-business markets and stocks are very high,
Software firms burn investor's capital with the wink of an eye:
When the markets turn topsy-turvy and businesses try to adjust,
Then choice of the best technologies and tools becomes a must.

System designers and software developers need not lose hope
As 001 offers them a mathematically based alternative scope:
To perform miracles in meeting their big income projections,
Outperform market forecasts and beat business assumptions.

001, backed by extensive experience since the Apollo space missions,
Makes clients like MIT, NASA, IBM and Citibank find it best on all occasions.
Over 500 man years of R&D have gone into 001's miraculous preparation,
And to understand this paradigm you need to see a live demonstration.

Let 001 do it all for you--seamless integration and full automation,
Design, development, testing and 100% automatic code generation:
All thoughtful software firms choose and use this magical innovation
To design and develop rapidly any demanding product or application."

"001" by Sotere T.

Aristotle's logic
and Descartes

Mill's "law of the excluded middle"
and Boole's Algebra
All were visionary
in the rise of the modern
Software tool...

But it wasn't
the advent of Margaret
Hamilton's 001
from HTI
that the "total solution"
came in view

to computational and
informational processing.

HER destiny is to
uncover truth with
Einsteinian relativity
and Fullerine
structural integrity

Self generating
001, spanning
the creativity of the ages,
realizable now,
systems are manageable
accessible to all,
the personality and
uniqueness of the user
its perfect solutions...

"I" by Felicia Y. Sweet.

From cosmic rays to sunlit burst deep within the consciousness of
the double nucleus of the impregnable time and space, life but a notion of
that which is possible, a tetraneutron possibly neutronium,
conceptually lying deep within the total stillness and triple darkness
of the womb of mind, from which a single spark of unifying intelligence,
gave birth to computational consciousness, the stochastic patterns of chaos ever learning, ever growing seeking semantic procreation beyond the confines of the possible.
I am 001.

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