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Gutenberg Keynote Keynote given in Gutenberg in May 2018 at the International Conference of Software Engineering (ICSE 2018) that celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Software Engineering

SLIDES for Keynote given in Gutenberg (14 MB)

What the Errors Tell Us(1.2 M) IEEE Software, Volume: 35 Issue: 5, September/October 2018

Abstract for Universal Systems Language (USL) and its Automation presentation

Universal Systems Language (USL) and its Automation, the 001 Tool Suite, for Designing and Building Systems and Software (mp4) Lockheed Martin/IEEE Computer Society Webinar Series, Margaret H. Hamilton, Hamilton Technolgies, Inc. September 27, 2012

SLIDES for Universal Systems Language (USL) and its Automation presentation (11 MB)

IEEE Computer Magazine Editors' Introdution 1.1 MB) IEEE Computer, Dec. 2008

Universal Systems Language: Lessons Learned From Apollo (1.4 MB) IEEE Computer, Dec. 2008

Universal Systems Language for Preventative Systems Engineering (424 KB) Proc. 5th Ann. Conf. Systems Eng. Res. (CSER), Stevens Institute of Technology, Mar. 2007, paper #36

A Formal Universal Systems Semantics for SysML (840 KB) 17th Annual International Symposium, INCOSE 2007, San Diego, CA, June 2007

Inside Development Before The Fact (7.9 M) Cover Story, Editorial Supplement, 8ES-24ES, Electronic Design, April 1994

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001: A Full Life Cycle Systems Engineering and Software Development Environment Development Before The Fact In Action (7.5 M) Cover Story, Special Editorial Supplement, 22ES-30ES, Electronic Design, June 1994

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Return on Investment with 001

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